Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ash wednesday - before service

let me lay down my sword
(must everything be a fight for me?)
and surrender wholly to your lenten season.
surrender my order and control -
chaos in actuality -
for your peace and plan.
let my release be my salvation
as i turn once again to you.


tears fall

i have no more
which were never enough to begin with.

i said
once that
words matter

and now
the echo of their passing
is madness.

i am held
in place

by small strips
of glassine
with razored edges.

you wouldn't know
for all my tattered charm

intact and unwilling
to validate the outcome
of injustice.

bleeding hope
seeking restoration
solace leaks

through unfiltered frames
b roll
fragments unrelated.

quiet now
thoughts gather
waver softly

whispers follow with
daunting regularity
not clarity.

bound and rightly so
i am given to
fits and starts

more to come
there always is
in the end.

it may be a bit difficult, I'll admit, but it's a snapshot of one day. that's all.