Sunday, July 17, 2011

walking alone on the shore at dusk

I walked, then once, upon the shore
at water's edge without a care, nor
errant thought to cloud my mind.

So pleasant there, I sought to find
the company of kindred souls
some sacred partners - hearts like coals -
that burned with passion and a need
to twine together; yearn to feed
a growing, deepening  hallowed trust;
discarding thoughts of shallow lust
for worldly pleasures - all foresworn;
we'd miss them not, and never mourn
the fallacy of what had been
but turn instead to what's within.

Then find, I did those kindred hearts
the ones that take your many parts
and simply make them whole again; 
forgetting easily what's been
a checkered past with no success -
of finding hope and finding rest.

And for a moment we did walk
together and have time to talk
of dreams and places we would go
sweet fellowship; so good to know
that others held so like a mind
(the rarest gift, you'll never find)
And hope was birthed anew once more
as wandered we, upon the shore.

But times were hard and shadows fell;
where once was light was now a well
of darkness rife with grief and loss
- no penitent could pay that cost -
and hearts were shattered without thought
no chance for restitution brought.

So echoes now, on lonely sand
a wrenching want and sharp demand
for what has been and now has left
an aching loss of closeness cleft. 

I walk alone upon the shore -
'twas first with three, but now, no more.

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