Monday, December 24, 2012

On Christmas Eve

when I realize
God breathed
said yes
these are mine, my own –
no matter what.

and my love for them
(for you)
goes on and on.

just to show how much yes meant
He threw stars so bright
that night
into the vastness of the midnight sky
and said,

breathed, here;
and heaven’s child was suddenly

flesh interred in flesh
entered in flesh
and breathed.

that night when innocence cried out,
and cried some more
when she beheld
her son – the Son – and knew she held
the heart of God
in her hands.

at first breath
the host of heaven erupts
and o, holy night echoes
from canyon to crag.
and who’s to fall on their knees,
but shepherd boys
humble in the cold of the night,
but soon on their way to
the little town.

from long and afar
wise and weary men come
reading stars;
that which follows;
discovering an answer
on their knees
and giving thanks in their quiet hearts.

from night to night
and on to a thousand, thousand nights after,
He still breathes yes,
still comes quiet and humble.
despite kingship,
despite lordship,
despite authoring all that we are,
it is just love that reaches out,
love that comes down and says,

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