Thursday, April 11, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Here

Five Minute Friday Five Minute Friday. I think I like checking in on Thursday night for the prompt. And oh wow – I joined up in the #FMFParty on Twitter tonight. My oh my. That’s all I can say. You won’t know unless you go. And you should definitely go. Many thanks to the welcoming voices of these amazing women who I’ve been reading for weeks. You just opened your arms wide and said, “come on in – we want you!” Kind of blew me away. Blessed my socks right off. So here it is.

This Week: Here

I can hear it like the distant thunder of waves pounding on the shore. An echo of a lifetime ago. His voice. Whispering, echoing from star to star to planet to me.


Do you see that this is just the beginning? That through all your desert wanderings – everything you’ve been learning, this is where I’ve been leading you? Here. A new place to begin. Eyes – a bit more open. Heart – a bit more softened. Hands – learning just a little more to let go. This place of peace and rest. Here.

After three years of desert living where each parched breath forced me to turn ever back into His loving arms; continually seeking His will; His support; His grace for daily bread … now, I am here. At another turning page, another beginning. Things I thought I would not see? They are here.

A new house of worship – where we flourish as a family. My husband – growing in God’s grace and truth – calling me in the middle of the day, just to share something from morning devotions. My child – learning to lean on God in the hard times. Me – coming to an understanding that God is large enough to contain anything I give Him – that He can hold anything – even the hard parts of me. Even my anger. Learning that even my devastating anger will not overwhelm God, and that He can turn it into something better – into compassion, into surrender, into joy. A new job that doesn’t denigrate me or push me into a place of mental and physical anguish, but instead challenges me with new ideas, new things to learn, a boss that is honest and real, and coworkers that are hilariously quirky in all the right ways. New outlets for my creativity – no longer stifled by corporate demands, but freed now to follow in the Lord’s lead. New friends in real life and online that share my passion and my faith and encourage me by the day and by the hour. The discovery of counting thanks and the miracle of eucharisteo - thanks comes before the miracle. Old friends that have steadied me and carried me throughout the desert times – reveling in the renewal of those connections.

Lessons from the desert that spill into real life living and make it all the more sweeter.
This is the here and now.
This is the promise I was waiting for.
And there is more to come.


How to Join:
Want to know how Five Minute Friday got started and how to participate? All the details are here. No editing or second guessing. And then absolutely, no ifs, ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments. Seriously. That is the rule. And the fun. And the heart of this community.


  1. I am so glad you joined in and I got to chat with you tonight. How fun! I love your take on lessons from the desert and coming into a new season while learning from the one that preceded it. Giving thanks in it all knowing God purposes it all for His glory and our goodness. Way to be brave and jump right in, and I'm so glad you joined the #fmfparty. We love newbies.

  2. Rebekah? Great name :) I love your post. I feel your post. I think I'm growing toward the place that you are in...and longing to be there. Soon. I love this line, "that He can hold anything – even the hard parts of me." Amen, sista. Thanks for the encouragement. This is my third week at fmf and I LOVE it! I'm especially tickled that the post right before mine was written by a Rebekah with a K. Blessings!! (And I just read about the twitter party tonight...maybe I'll check in next week...I'm kinda twitter-ignorant ;)

  3. I can't believe that you were just lurking and I am so glad that you jumped right in!!! Wow - what a powerful post... I loved it all - but this? This got me: "Here. A new place to begin. Eyes – a bit more open. Heart – a bit more softened. Hands – learning just a little more to let go. This place of peace and rest. Here." YESssss! (OH - and welcome to the mania... #SorryNotSorry - your Thurs nights will never be the same!)

  4. I am so happy for my wife. She is glowing tonight. It is by his grace and love that she has finally come thru this journey and is so much "more" than she was. And thank you to everyone for your positive comments. It is a true blessing to see such wonderful people enjoying her blog.

  5. Karrilee said all I was thinking. The urgency and release in this was powerful and beautiful. I'm so glad you are blooming in your "here". Thankful you joined us last night and joined in on the amazing fun.

  6. So thankful you decided to join in! We are all just a little bit farther along in this journey, aren't we? Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Glad you joined in, How beautiful are your words. Thank you for so openingly and honestly sharing your walk through the desert.


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