Thursday, January 2, 2014

Five Minute Friday - Fight

Five Minute FridayIt’s been almost a full month since I wrote the last Five Minute Friday; since my phone took off pinging with the sound of friends connecting online across time zones; of my family graciously conceding time for me to drift away to my desk and delve into the five minutes that is so much more than five minutes (as in, I do try to stick to the five minutes of actual prompt writing, but the rest? Posting? Pictures – if I do that? Trying not to be a complete control freak and not edit my mess? That doesn’t happen in five minutes. You didn’t think it did, did you?)

The laptop is actually cold beneath my fingertips. It’s been on its own journey –across and ocean and back. Its hum sounds excited. Anticipatory. I feel it thrumming with me as thoughts run through my brain – scattered by my brief time on the Twitter party (Costco). I just got my first post up today. I haven’t been writing for a month. I honestly have no idea what I’m about to say.


This week: Fight


Towards the end of the year, I allowed myself to rabbit hole. Or is it rabbit trail? Rabbit … something. That thing you do where you find a small path that looks like it might go somewhere and start to follow it off into the brush. I did that. With more than a handful of things. Ideas mainly. Posts. Declarations. Ideas. Intentions. Opinions.

Everybody’s got one.

So many shoulds, supposed tos, this is the way it’s supposed to be – all, for the most part, surrounding the idea of the Christian life; God; and belief in Christ. All, for the most part, presented by learned scholars; committed theologians; believers who’d done their research; well-read, scholarly individuals.

It was fascinating stuff. I was intrigued. The ideas presented were often logical – they followed thesis to their conclusions (with footnotes) and were, for the most part, staked in the foundation of the Word.

And yet …

As I read and listened and observed the conversations and comments I saw so much contention. So much need to be right. So much need to be heard. So much need to be vindicated. And it hurt. Maybe I just haven’t been paying as close attention because of the immediacy of things like desert living, but when did the life of the Body of Christ turn into Thunderdome? Two men enter, one man leaves.  Really?

I know God is a God of Justice and holds us to a set of commandments and expectations, but those are His. Directed to us as individuals. Who are accountable to Him.  And His other directives? The ones we’re supposed to be following? I see more of His mercy and love flowing out of those – admonitions to love Him with all our heart, love our neighbor, care for those around us who are the least among us, doing justice, loving mercy, walking humbly, telling His story and sharing the gift of His love and sacrifice with those who have not heard.

I’m probably making a mess of this here, but all I’m really trying to say, is that as part of my One Word commitment to Return this year, I am returning my eyes (heart, attention, focus) fully to God and His word. I’m pretty sure that’s the right place to start if I want to really hear what I should be doing in my life, what I’m supposed to be accomplishing, and the way it’s supposed to be if I’m walking in His footsteps.

God is just too big – too incredible, awesome, and amazing – to be brought low by any disbelief or disgrace that the world tries to throw at Him. They’ve been doing it for a long time now and it hasn’t stuck. I don’t think we need to give them any more ammunition for a fight.

I want to focus on what He’s called me to do. What His desire for my heart and my life is. I will return to the foot of the throne of grace where I will wait, listen, and learn. This is where I’m taking my direction. This is where I begin again.


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  1. "I want to focus on what He’s called me to do." Oh, I will fight alongside with you for that! Too easily we can get pulled away. Thank you for this encouragement! Amen!

  2. I get so pulled away, I take my eyes off Him. Thank you for the encouragement to focus on what He wants me to do.

  3. Such powerful truth here. It's so easy for me to be swayed by another's opinion. I want to stand firm, to fight well. Blessings!

  4. I am refocusing (is that the same as returning?). I was in a very uncomfortable place spiritually since October. It feels like fresh air since January came along.

    It bothers me to see so many opinions and arguments between Christians. It is disheartening sometimes.

    I'm hopping over from Lisa-Jo's place.

    Nice to "meet" you.

    In Him,

  5. God has spoken - the rest is just commentary. While other people do sometimes have helpful things to say and can help us understand His Word better, the Bible is the only true Word of God. And I love the comparison to Thunderdome! Sadly, it's too true. Looking forward to seeing how your word leads you closer to Him this year.

  6. New year is a good time to begin again. I hear your heart's refrain in so many of us this year. May we encourage one another daily to keep fighting to return only to Him.

  7. Love these sweet words and the desire to fight. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Right... so much Amen, my friend! Because - as we heard live and in person, side by side, Jen Hatmaker pointed out that we are not needed to DEFEND Him as much as we are called to RE-PRESENT Him! That... and, well, "He wears the Victor's Crown..."

    So happy to have #fmfparty back! I have missed this amazing Community!

  9. This makes me laugh a little because mine are almost grown (25 & 21 yo)yet they still fight when they are together to long. But oh how the do truly love one other.

  10. Hey! Visiting from FMF! Great post! Fighting to stay close to Him and surrendered. All of us for all of Him!


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