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Breathe: 31 Moments with God {for Moms} - A Book Review

Time alone. Time with God. We want it so much, and yet finding that time – carving out that precious space (especially if we’re moms) – can be such a challenge.

We know all too well the call to do the laundry, make the lunches, help with homework (science project season anyone?) – and that’s just the day-to-day routine? No matter if you work inside or outside the home, there are demands on your time; people of all sizes who need your help and attention; a to-do list that seems to never end. How many times do we just feel the need to breathe?

Jaimie Bowman is very familiar with that feeling. This Southern California mom has two boys and an active ministry as a writer and speaker. Her husband is a youth pastor and music leader. She’s been a professional photographer. This is a mom who knows a busy season. She knows what it’s like to crave those moments that feed your soul; when you have time with the Lord – and yet feel like interruptions abound every few minutes. She knows what it’s like to feel like getting to church feels like packing up and moving across country. When tantrums escalate with terrible timing. And when finding a quiet moment seems like Mission Impossible.

Her new book, Breathe: 31 Moments with God {for Moms} will meet you right where you’re at. Whether you’re the mother of a newborn struggling to establish a new schedule; the mother of several littles – working to manage your household’s needs; or the mother of school-aged children working around homework, a home-grown taxi service, and the inevitable question: what’s for dinner tonight?

These 31 devotionals touch on situations that will have any mother nodding in agreement. From struggling to let our children go as they grow; fighting the comparison trap; trying to find answers in untenable situations; and learning to find time to rest, Jaimie writes with the gentle voice of experience and the encouraging heart of a woman who continually turns to God for strength and guidance.

I love that she works to keep things simple and strives to keep each devotional at about ten minutes. We can all find ten minutes, right? And I especially like that while she includes the scripture for the day, it’s not all printed out. Like she says, “I know how easy it became to pick up a devotional and read it while my Bible sat on the shelf collecting dust. The Word of God is living and active, and there is power in picking up your Bible, feeling the pages between your fingers and reading it.”

Jaimie will take you from the Old Testament to the New Testament and back again. Referencing familiar stories and drawing out keen insights based both on scripture and her own experiences. Each devotion includes a few short questions to meditate or journal on, space to write your thoughts, and a prayer to end your time.

Breathe will be a devotion that you can do for one month out of the year or repeat over and over to dwell on the thoughts and scriptures found here. Grab a copy for yourself and one to share. These are words that will bless and encourage a mother’s heart, no matter what part of the journey she’s on.

You can purchase Breathe: 31 Moments with God {for Moms} as a softcover devotional, which has a built-in journal, on sale at Amazon for $8.99 through this link: 

The Kindle version is $4.99 and is available through this link: 

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