Thursday, August 21, 2014

Five Minute Friday - Change

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This week: Change


If you know me, you know it’s no secret that I am a fan of personal growth. I am not known for standing still. Often, I will forge ahead (sometimes in painful ways) to get to a breakthrough.

It is my personal belief that if you are not learning, you are moving backwards. I’m not sure I believe in the idea of standing still.

One look at my overflowing stacks of books (that I’m almost embarrassed to share here – because really? All the books?) some read, some waiting in queue, and you’ll see that I am all about growing. Growing means changing, and several of the books I’ve read this year have sucker punched me into looking hard at my ideas of growth and change like I didn’t see coming.

I expected to be moved. I expected to be challenged. I don’t think I expected to find myself flat on my face; tears flowing – trying to sort out all of the stirrings of my heart. There was an overwhelming desire to run out and try to implement everything I’d been reading and digesting, coupled with an equally intense feeling of complete inadequacy and helplessness in the face of the endless pit of need in the world today.

I was reading several of these books during my blogging sabbatical in April and also delved into the book of Galatians. It was a sweet time and I gleaned many lessons from Paul’s letter to this early church.

I’ve recently started through that same epistle again – this time with the community of IF Equip. I love going through the Word again, one small morsel at a time; savoring the lessons and sinking deep. This gospel of grace.

As we headed into the end of chapter one on Wednesday, I ran into some notes I’d made back in April that brought perspective and insight all over again. As Paul speaks of preparing to bring this gospel of grace to those in need, he talks about a time where he goes away. While he does not share about this specifically, commentators suggest Paul used this time to learn from the Lord and meditate as he prepared to return – a changed man – to bring the good news.
I desire change. I desire to be an instrument of change. I desire to be a vessel for the Lord and help bring specific and intentional change to the world around me – whether it be in my immediate zip code or the hungry, aching, broken world at large.

But I’ll do so in His timing – according to His plan. And after I’ve stood still. After I've been steeped and soaked in His word and the words of those who serve Him and are bending low, keeping their eyes on Him, and leading with their actions.


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  1. Girl, that's quite a stack of books. I have similar book myself, but am not moving through the stack quickly enough. Every time I sit down to read, I fall asleep, and then I have to read what I've already read. Old age? Perhaps. Oh how I want to be an instrument of change and reflect His glory on the earth! Beautiful words my friend.

  2. Great post...glad I have a fellow book bug out there who reads and wants to do do do and read read read some commas...just read! :) I have not read some of the titles in your stack...something to look for at the library or bookstore! #FMF buddy

  3. After reading your words today I realize why I haven't been reading as much lately ... I'm scared. Scared of the changes that will be required with the new knowledge. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love this post, friend. I think you are right that change is more peaceful (not necessarily easier) when I am soaked in the Word. And I've sat in His presence. I think that's the missing piece for me. A-ha moment. Thanks and much love to you! xoxo

  5. okay first of all...if there is anything besides a nice car that can get my heart a buzzing...its book stacks. LOVE to see what other people are reading. alas in the past five months almost all my books have been kindle and when I find myself underlining almost the entire thing (A million little ways, Rhinestone Jesus) I find myself having to actually order them up on Amazon. I am NOT one for change, because I fear going through the hard parts...part of this fear is keeping me captive right now. Thank you for sharing what you've been engaging with lately! love you


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