Thursday, October 16, 2014

Five Minute Friday - Long

I’ve been away too long again (P.S. I wrote that before the prompt came out!). But this community – it never fails to reach out and embrace – even when one has been away. I’m so grateful for this space; and for the women that I’ve met here; with whom I’m building relationships.

For all the talk about how online is incomplete, I have yet to feel that here in this space. Except for missing the joy of being actually together chatting on couches or sitting across tables with sweet tea or coffee, there is nothing truly incomplete about this friendships and this space.

On Fridays a bunch of brave writers gather here to all spend five collective minutes writing on a single prompt. It’s a great way to catch your breath at the end of a long week. This blessed, beautiful place where we open our hearts and let words and tears and the inner workings of our lives bleed and flow and dance across the virtual pages. Yes, this community opens wide and invites you in to share. Come and visit and read. You will be blessed.

This week: Long 


There’s nothing like a good laugh full of irony and this prompt might be it. I’ve been away from my blog for a while. Away from my words. To be honest, even in the still, quiet times where it’s just me and a real live page – nothing digital – there has been an abundance of white space.

And while I love white space – I need, desire, crave white space in all iterations in my life – the dearth of words has been hard to bear.

It’s not for anything dreadful and traumatic. I’ve been there before. This is not it. It is a comfortable, if somewhat guilty, silence with a lingering feeling of obligations not met. But there has been nothing on my heart that will come out in words.

I have certainly not stilled my thoughts – those run rampant and wild; percolating into effortless bubbles. I feel like a three year-old with a wand and a bucket of soap on a breezy spring day, flinging shimmering cascades of effervescence into the air, only to have them vanish in a moment. 

Creatively, I have not been in silence. My thoughts, feelings, and ideas have been spilling out in my art.

Smile with me.

I have always wanted my art to spill out but have never felt I had anything worthy of spilling. And now – a joyful profusion comes out like a dam has burst. Where has this come from?

And curiously, why can’t they both pour out at the same time?

My friends and community gather round and encourage me. Where would I be without these voices that anchor me, connect me, and point me back to truth?

I’ve heard some snort derisively at the idea that there are seasons – laugh at the idea of the ebb and flow of this thing we call life and the ability to capture the essence of living with our words and ideas. Laugh away. Clichés are sometimes birthed in truth and oftentimes perpetuate themselves because they endure.

So this is my quiet season.

It feels too long. But let’s face it. I’ve been away longer than a few weeks before. Maybe you have too. Maybe you’ve struggled with the idea that your voice has gone silent for a time.

Honor the quiet.

This is what I’m learning. The lack of tangible words is not a lack of words altogether. Sometimes, it is a growing time. Learning to be more precise and intentional with what we do say.

Words matter. They always will. But I want to say the right ones. Ones that have weight, and meaning, and integrity, and truth.

Even if it is a long time between posts.


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  1. "This is what I’m learning. The lack of tangible words is not a lack of words altogether. Sometimes, it is a growing time. Learning to be more precise and intentional with what we do say." - Oh YES THIS!! I have been writing every day this month for the 31 days but it came after many many days of silence...the words just weren't coming...I can't believe they have come every day for this long now! A reminder that we do need breaks and often times things come more freely after!! :)

  2. TOTALLY agree with this. Most writers will say you just have to write. Every day. Just keep writing. For me, I have to feel it first. It has to be the right time. "Honor the quiet." Brilliant. Love it. :-) Keep doing what you're doing .. :-) But so glad you did link up tonight!

  3. Lookie who found some words!!! ;) I love you so, my friend! It's nice to read you here again! Take time to enjoy the quiet... as you said, honor it... life really does ebb and flow!

  4. Beautiful friend. Good reminder to not force the words but follow His promotings. I love how in the quiet your art has come forth- vibrant and loud. We are blessed by you offering the art that is welling up and pouring out.

  5. Rebekah, "Honor the quiet". I sat here, in the quiet (yes, pun intended) & really thought on those 3 words. We truly do not give credit to the quiet. We tend to think that quiet times mean a lack of productivity or usefulness. But what if the quiet is the very means we become even more productive? This post, your words, have prompted me to think about honoring the quiet today. Beautiful post, Rebekah. I am grateful you shared your words!

  6. Rebekah! Goodness gracious...this quiet? Look at what it has produced! These words? Amazing! The bad thing about your quiet space is that I don't get to read your words as often. But I'm rooting for you as you honor the quiet and embrace some time away. And when you come back? Yup, I'll be watching for you words!

  7. I just love you along with your words here and even your quietness (is that a real word ??) because you are teaching me so much. Teaching me to let go of expectations from the world, from the ones that don't care and don't matter, and to cling tightly to those that that do. I am so bless by your friendship.

  8. Oh yes. I am honoring the quiet right along with you my friend. I have a giveaway post to get up tonight and them I'll be taking a break. I love you dearly.

  9. quiet seasons are necessary for restoration! Love you girl!


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