Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter (in Noun & Verb)

Lord washes
friends eat
trouble leaves

friends pray
man pleads
God answers
Son accepts
angel ministers
friends sleep

trouble returns
kiss betrays
man submits
friend denies
rooster crows

hypocrites question
guards strike
governor interrogates
king interrogates
enemies unite
woman dreams
Roman struggles
crowd screams
crowd roars
hands wash

scourge falls
blood runs
women weep
nails pierce
mother watches
heart breaks

God turns
breath ends
Love sacrifices
darkness falls
veil tears
path opens

selah (pause and think on this)

God reaches
death relinquishes
Love triumphs

morning dawns
women come
angles shine
reminder given
joy awakens
wildfire catches
Love appears
minds open
blessing given
Lord ascends


  1. A beautiful poem, Rebekah. Hope you are all feeling better.

  2. So much power in this my friend! LOVE!

  3. I love Loretta's comment. This is so well done ... thank you for sharing!


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