Friday, March 1, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

Five Minute FridayI can’t believe it’s already March – and already Friday again. I’m linking up for my Five Minute Friday at Lisa-Jo Baker’s place.

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This week: Ordinary


Photo by Kevin P
They pulled into the driveway in the old blue truck on a windy, chilly Saturday. Started unloading the washer and dryer; started chatting and catching up. I could hear her come inside and start talking to my daughter who was in the midst of cleaning her room. Or not cleaning it – depending on how you look at things. I had my hands full of a project and came out of the bedroom to say hello. Leaned against the door frame and talked about the week; about my interview; about our colds. My daughter pulled anxiously at Grandma’s arm. “You promised you’d come watch me bike,” she called – trying to steer her towards the back door. We laughed and realized that watching an eight-year-old biking was going to take priority. So we stood in the back of the house – my mother-in-law on the patio, me in the doorway, and watched my daughter pedal in circles around and around. In a few minutes, my husband called through the door to the garage that everything was set up, “come on and see what we’ve done.” Of course I had to bring my camera and take a picture or two to post online. As I stepped back and turned the camera off and listened to the conversation flowing around me, it suddenly hit me.

This is so ordinary.

Just an afternoon of getting some help with appliances. Catching up on the week, talking about upcoming birthdays, sharing about books we were reading. Ordinary.

And yet, anything but ordinary. How about miraculous?

My husband and I have struggled with our relationship with his parents for the entire length of our relationship – almost twenty years. I hadn’t seen or talked to my father-in-law in over two years that day. The roots of the trouble run deep, but no one wants it and I’m not even sure we could tell you how it started. Everyone has been trying to figure out how to resolve it, mend it, forgive it, move past it.

And in this one simple ordinary afternoon – through a glimpse of grace – we got a peek of what might be. What was probably ahead – just around the corner. The amazing, wonderful, extraordinary world of the ordinary.



  1. Rebecca,

    I'm Daniel from FMF with Liso-Jo. This is my first attempt doing this & after reading your post, I am so stealing your intro. And your Go & Stop. And using a pic next time.

    My favorite parts of your piece...
    - Your daughter pulling Grandma's arm & "watch me bike"
    - “Watching my daughter pedal circles around and around”
    - And everything you wrote after “This is so ordinary.”

    You pulled me in I just a few sentences & I connected with your story because I have relationships that are a struggle or have been strained & many times, the only thing I long for is for them to be ‘Ordinary”.

    Loved your ending. “And in this one simple ordinary afternoon – through a glimpse of grace – we got a peek of what might be.”

    Thanks for sharing a piece of your life. It made this Friday better.

    1. Opps. You pulled me in with* just a ...

  2. Loved your post. I felt like I was standing in the yard on a breezy, sunny Saturday afternoon.

    "And in this one simple ordinary afternoon – through a glimpse of grace – we got a peek of what might be." Ump - that's what I'm talking about. Great.

  3. I have strained relationships in my family as well. But, by God's grace, we struggle to forgive, forget and become so very ordinary. Beautifully written. Thanks!


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