Thursday, June 6, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Fall

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This Week: Fall


and this is how it goes:
moment to moment
clinging as i can – to the only One that i can.
hoping that this time, as i surge ahead,
i’ll be one step ahead
of where I wound up the last time i did this.
the last time i took a step out – a step up
tried to get my life on the right path.

because usually what i get is a
crash and burn
fall down hard
ass over elbows and i’m lying
face up in the gutter
staring up at heaven’s light
so far away and wondering
what in all the star shine
did the Father see in me
to place me on this path.
what does He know that i don’t know?
that i can’t see?
that i can’t imagine?

my fall – just an echo of the fall before
and the one before that
all the way back to Eden
and our original fall from Grace.

but in spite of that –
no – in the midst of all of that –

He knew.
all knowing
all seeing
time without time
without context
just knowing

He knew that we’d fall – that i’d fall.
planned so well what Grace would be needed.
what sacrifice would be offered.
what price would be paid.
knew the cost –
knew the hurt –
knew the pain –
and did it all anyway.
all of creation from beginning to end.
directed and constructed in a glorious symphony
that spoke love upon love
for you and i
as if we were the only thing that mattered.
as if there were no fall.

so in my moment,
i learn to let go,
learn to say no – not i
not my doing,
not my striving,
just You.
just Love.
just Grace.

and the stars shine down
on my broken bits,
and in the Father’s light,
i am a constellation.


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  1. You know God in such an intimate, Loving Father kind of way. When you write about your real walk in this world, it makes me want to know God like you do.
    Beautiful. Inspiring. True.

    1. Bless you Corri - I have to give my Dad all the thanks for that. Our relationship (especially during my teens and 20s) helped me know God the way I do today.

  2. Wow, this is amazing, in just 5 minutes! God knows it all, every detail of our life. He created us with a plan and a purpose, despite our faults. He's forgiving, gracious, compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. "In my Father's light I am a constellation." Love this! And, we are neighbors today!

    1. So grateful for grace - and for new friends and writing neighbors. Never had a poem flow out for a FMF - this was a little scary!

  3. What a great and inspiring post! Your words sent shivers down my spine! (FMF)

    1. Thank you and blessings for the encouragement!

  4. This is...woah! His Grace is so amazing! What a beautiful picture of it you painted here!

    1. Thanks, Kelly. I am continually amazed by His grace - mostly when I'm at my most broken. Thank you for the encouragement :)

  5. I love your beautiful reminder of God's sweet grace.

    1. And it is SO sweet, isn't it? Where would we be without love come down? Hope your weekend is blessed.

  6. Good morning girl! Your words so beautiful! So well penned and so captivating, friend. Blessings for your weekend. Shine bright.

  7. Breathtaking... just WOW, girl? This is GORGEOUS and needs to be a Spoken Word... I can feel the rhythm and the beat and the declaration released behind it... so powerful!!!

    1. Echoes of poetry slam - I suppose. I was a little nervous about this one. My poetry usually simmers a little longer, but it's what came in the minutes so I said, "okay Lord - your words!" Bless you for your encouragement, friend!

  8. Beautiful. I love that you think in prose. This could almost be my story, "face up in the gutter
    staring up at heaven’s light
    so far away and wondering..."
    It's where I am still laying at this point in my walk. Love it. New follower, visiting from FMF

    1. Thanks for coming along AJ - I'm blessed that you came. I spend a lot of time tripping, falling, and getting back up. I'm so grateful for His grace and forgiveness. Let that thought and His love wrap you up and warm you where you are - right where you are.

  9. Beautiful!
    Visiting from FMF.

    Love, Traci Michele @ Ordinary Inspirations

    1. Thank you FMF friend - hope to see you again - maybe at the #FMFParty tonight :)


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