Monday, August 17, 2015

Fulfilled :: A Book Review and Giveaway

“God has a plan, and He is always willing to share His plans with us. He reveals His way to us through the truth of His written Word. We can trust Him and believe what He says more than what the surrounding circumstances are telling us.”
There are so many nuggets of truth like this; woven into the text of Fulfilled, by Danise Jurado. When I was originally asked to review her first book, I wasn’t sure who Danise was and what story she would tell, but I’m so glad I dived in and found out.

Danise has served as a pastoral counselor at Angelus Temple and The Dream Center in Los Angeles, California under the leadership of Pastors Matthew and Caroline Barnett since 2001. She is also the Director of The Dream Center Transitions Program. Danise is a gifted speaker and teacher; sharing at churches, conferences and faithfully teaching a weekly women's Bible study at The Dream Center. She is passionate about encouraging and equipping people to reach their most fulfilled life in Christ.

Fulfilled: Learning to Live the Life God Promised, is full of authentic, vulnerable moments and scripture references that have been close to her heart as Danise shares her journey with us. She walks us through from Forgiveness, to Restoration, to Change, all the way to Living Fulfilled. Each chapter guiding the reader through meditations, practical application, and homework (yes – homework!) designed to help us apply God’s truth in our lives and find freedom in His name.

Danise reminds us that clinging to God’s truth is not always easy or comfortable, but that opening ourselves to Him in complete vulnerability is a risk worth taking; because God is our only safe place. Under the shelter of His wings, we can let go completely. We can be our imperfect, broken selves, and know that God our Father holds in in His hands and calls us His own.

She challenges us to embrace seven principles for lasting change:
  • Revelation – change needs to happen
  • Education – change what we know
  • Proclamation – change what we say
  • Meditation – change what we think
  • Action – change what we do
  • Motivation – change takes time, so don’t quit
  • Recognition – change what we see
Danise is frankly honest about the struggles she and her family have been through. She speaks candidly about addiction; about wrestling with food; about overcoming situations of loss – fighting back after multiple robberies made her family’s dreams for their own business seem impossible. In every situation, she steers her readers back to God’s word – encouraging us to ground ourselves fully in the truth and to arm ourselves with the protection of spiritual armor.

In the end, it is about allowing God to be the author and definer of our faith and our lives. Surrendering fully to Him so that we can live fulfilled in the life that He has designed for us and is calling us to.

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It has been a privilege to read and review this book from Danise Jurado. I’ve enjoyed it so much and found it to be full of encouraging and eye opening truths. I’m happy to have a signed copy of Fulfilled to share with my readers, a generous gift from Danise. Just click through the link below to win her book and a Fulfilled tote bag. I look forward to announcing the winner at the end of the week!

Fulfilled Book Giveaway Danise is also hosting a $100 give away for participants who post an image of the cover of her book (on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook) and tag her @DaniseJurado and use the #Fulfilled hashtag on social media!


  1. I am thankful to be a part of the launch team. Just now diving into the book. So good!

  2. Love this Rebekah! I am also part of the launch team for Fulfilled and will post my review next Monday! Great words my friend!

    1. Can't wait to read Mary - sounds like Danise has a terrific launch team :)

  3. Living a fulfilled life to me is living confidently and comfortably in Christ....knowing and resting in His almighty power. Saying "living comfortably" may be risky; my intent is being comfortable with the knowledge and assurance of His sovreignty. Once comfortable there, we can live out our purpose confidently. This sounds like a spectacular book!! Thanks for reviewing and hosting the giveaway!


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