Thursday, May 16, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Song

Five Minute FridayFive Minute Fridays are the beautiful, unscripted moments that happen between Thursday night at the FMFParty on Twitter and for days and days after as post after post of inspiration and encouragement gets linked up at Lisa Jo Baker’s site here. Writers and joy abound and it’s a great place to be.

This Week: Song


Eclectic. It describes so much about me. Non-conforming, walking-to-her-own-beat rambler, mix and match, individualistic styling chick. Eclectic. Me.

Nowhere is this so obvious as on my iPod. Everything runs together in a brilliant indescribable stream that is the soundtrack to my life. Amy Grant rubs shoulders with Florence + The Machine. Chris Tomlin and Jeremy Camp have huge real estate and share space with Sting, U2, and One Republic. The 80s child in me will not leave home without Journey, Madonna, or Whitney Houston, and I’m lost without Selah and Adele. The lyrics of their songs run through my head and through my life – carrying me from memory to memory – always bringing me back somewhere special when I hear the opening bars or words I love.

Communication through song can transcend age, race, economics, denomination and so many other barriers. Even without words. Watch it happen in a flash mob – one of the many videos that make their way around Facebook, email, and other social media. Someone wanders through the mall or into a train station and suddenly breaks into song. Or pulls out an instrument. Or flips a switch to start the music and begins to dance. When the song starts, people are transfixed. It freezes us and pulls us out of our everyday routine into something special. Songs lift. Songs encourage. Songs connect us.

Take a moment or two and think about your favorite song … what it says; where it takes you. 

I’m determined that one day I’m going to have part of one of my favorite songs on me permanently (yes, mom that means exactly what you think it means. sorry.) and when I do, it will say:



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  1. So - I SO love that we are neighbors tonighit at Lisa Jo's! and I think I would LOVE your ipod (and tattoo) as much as I love you, my friend!!!

  2. had to giggle... there's 10 of us adding our music to itunes - always an interesting mix when we clean house on saturdays morning with the music blasting!

  3. Rebekah
    The group Boston had a song in the 1980 , More Than a Feeling. What an incredible song. Those guys just had that UMPF for rocking. The Song of Terry Jack, Good bye my friend it's heart to. Die, when all the birds are singing in the sky. Well, about this guy on death row. Those were great songs with so much sorrow I between..

  4. Love love that song and I love you dance to your own song!!!

  5. I think if you are wearing an iPod I should be allowed to see what's playing. I'm just nosy like that! : )

  6. Ha! This is great. I love that you incorporated the idea of flash mobs in here. It's such a modern way to share song. Very cool.


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