Thursday, May 30, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Imagine

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This Week: Imagine


In twelve days, my baby girl is going to graduate from high school. I can’t believe that day is already here. I know that every year I said it was going so fast – and I meant it every year. But it just seemed to go faster and faster every time I turned around.

I peek at her now when she thinks I’m not watching. Watch the way her lips move as she sings along silently to her iPod – green eyes flashing the way they have since she was five. Despite all the height (dang – she finally leveled out at five feet, eleven inches) she still moves with all the grace she had when she sliced through the water in the pool each summer. Every time taking long strokes and deeper breathes – going a little bit farther, a little bit faster.

Her final show at the School of the Arts was a success. A glorious triumph that began as a toddler’s obsession with being “just like Mama.” Her desire to pick up a camera and capture life on film – find those moments that matter and preserve them. I kept looking at those shots and thinking, yeah, I see that – I see how she sees that. Some are just from everyday life: dishes drying in the drain; spangled with beads of water, images from her garden – early radishes sprouting under the pale, February light. Some are from far-flung places: our mission trip to India: brightly-hued clothing mixing with dusty feet on neighborhood children come to hear the Gospel story. But they are all her vision. They are all her world.

I see her now, honey-hair falling long; that sweet smile that still captures my heart – and I know her heart has survived. Those years when I thought I was going to pull my eyeballs out in frustration over our struggles with school are a blessedly distant memory. We’ve had bumps. But we’re here. And her future is laid out before her, paved with prayers and His blessing.

I hold her father’s hand; rest my head on his shoulder and know that her name has been spoken true. She is a faith hunter. And she is the child of our heart, who’s strength comes from love.


I hope this isn't cheating, but I realized I should probably provide some perspective after I read a couple of comments - which are so sweet - thank you. My daughter is currently nine, and we are in the midst of a difficult time (and that's putting it mildly) with school and such. Tonight's prompt allowed me to visit a time in the future where these current years are in the past, and she's off on her own God-blessed adventure with so much of this behind her - and behind us. Thank you for the induldgence.

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  1. 'Yeah I see that--I see how she sees that" . .. This is just so beautiful, Rebekah. I am so blessed here, by how you see your daughter, by how you see. Thank you.

  2. Oh I can totally baby, youngest of four, will graduate from high school too. And she's five foot ten! I am so thankful for all that has come, but I will really miss her life filling my life right here at home! Blessings to you!

  3. I hope the trials at school fade soon and that your dream of your daughter becomes a beautiful reality when she is older.

  4. Rebekah, Beautiful! Love your look into the future. So beautifully written. Those young years are challenging. I think of this word imagine and never could I have imagined how God could transform my family. Oh no...may need to do this FMF. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  5. It is from our dreams that God gives us unimaginable reality. I love this post and this dream you have imagined for your daughter. What a cool perspective on this word. For a second there I thought - dang, she's a lot older than I thought - but alas, you're still a spring chicken! Thank you for sharing today.

  6. What a gift to take a moment, five minutes, and get a glimpse of where all of this is leading. Sometimes we need to just sit and remember what all this is for. So beautiful, Rebekah!

  7. I am glad for the update for I thought as I read this - HOW IN THE WORLD have we not talked about our babies graduating this year? ;) What a beautiful post - full of promise and possibility and prayerfully - maybe even some prophesy too!

    Bless you sweet friend!

  8. What a beautiful way that you see your daughter. I've graduated one girl, married her off too. I remember the days when all I could do but was imagine that day! Have a lovely weekend!

  9. I loved this! What a sweet love letter to write to your daughter, something she can see and know (in those after years) that you had great plans for her, that you dreamed big dreams.


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