Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Behind the Scenes - Celebrate Life

It was going to be a cleaning kind of day. A haul-all-the-crap-out-and-get-it-organized or throw it away kind of day. It was also a day of anticipation – this unprecedented cleaning was brought on by the idea that an online friend would be coming for an in real life visit. In three and half months. Yes. It’s going to take me about that long to get it done. This “guest room” hasn’t served that purpose for about six years. In the absence of annual visits from my mom, it has transitioned from guest space, to office/workout room, to that place we put everything that won’t fit, to the room we can’t let anyone see. But that’s all going to change.

My sweet sister volunteered to come help be my hands and fingers and other moving parts that aren’t working so well right now. Not to mention lending her objective eye and fantastic gifts for efficiency organization. And while she was on her way, I was so inspired, that I started on another small corner of the house – the back end of my closet that hasn’t seen the light of day in many months.

I used the word “amazing” a lot that day as I posted updates on Facebook about our progress. And it was. For good and for not-so-good, it really was amazing to discover all that we did. I knew I was a saver (not quite a hoarder – it’s not that ugly yet), but something hit me as I dug deep and threw things out.

I save too many things for special days.

Special days that never materialize. Because I keep waiting for someday. It was oddly ironic to find two bottles of brand spanking new philosophy™ body wash called Celebrate Life and Celebrate You languishing in my closet celebrating absolutely nothing. As I read the little blurb on the labels, I was reminded again about why it’s so very important to seize the day. To make every day the special day. To celebrate now.

Celebrate Life
Every day is a gift just waiting to be unwrapped. Miracles can be found around every corner, when we open our eyes wide enough to see them. A tiny seed finds hope in a bloom. A fierce storm finds peace at the end of a rainbow. A wandering caterpillar finds new life, when it discovers its wings. An innocent child finds delight when he discovers his toes. Life is worth celebrating when the small miracles of today bring us hope for tomorrow.

Celebrate You
You are one of a kind, there will never be another you. Celebrate you. You have gifts and talents that are uniquely yours. Celebrate you. You are a star child sent directly from the heart of God. Celebrate you. You are a light in the life of those closest to your heart. You make a difference in the lives of many. Celebrate you. You are admired and adored, and you don’t even know it. Celebrate you. You are loved like crazy. Celebrate you.

Because seriously – what was I waiting for? A better bathtub? Better hair? A better body? Let’s not laugh. What did it say right there? Every day is a gift just waiting to be unwrapped. Yes it is. Not waiting to be kept waiting in the back of a closet for “just the right time.” Not waiting at all. Right now.

This day, I’m committing to no more purchases that I hold for only special occasions. There is only so much of this life I am allotted, and I want to enjoy all of it and bless everyone in it as much as I can while I’m in it. Because the other thing I need to remember is that it’s not just about me.

It’s about connecting with my world and with my community. With the people who make me smile and make me laugh. With the people who hold me when I need to cry. And the people I haven’t even met yet who need me to step out of my comfort zone and make a difference in their lives.

It happens now.

Time to come out of the wrapped up, closeted dark, and into the light of the real world.
Time to be part of the world.
Time to participate and live and celebrate and give thanks.
Time to look for miracles.
Time to be the miracle.

crystalstine.me I'm linking up with Crystal Stine and company again today; joining the Behind the Scenes link up. A place to make a connection beyond the Pinterest perfect ideals; to look past the edges of the photo to the real life behind it; to say hi, this is me in all my messy real-ness. Sounds like a good time to me.

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  1. OK - so many things I love here... first off - we are neighbors over at Crystal's today - how awesome is that? I love this realization that we save 'special' for another day... often for someone else on another day even! And I love that I will get to see first hand the fruits of your labor! I can't wait to meet in real life in - what did you say - three and a half months?

    Love you so! (Of course - you know - I am not high maintenance at all... I can sleep on the floor or a couch... or - if truth be told - not sleep at all - which is far more likely!)

    1. I have absolutely thought about the no sleep factor in anticipation of your visit. We'll have so much to talk about. Maybe a chance to do FMF inRL together. Have nutella snacks together. Sharing in worship and fellowship at WoF together and talking about how fabulous Jen Hatmaker and Christine Caine are. You'll have to catch me up on everything Allume. I'm so excited! Yeah. Probably not much sleep happening until Saturday night!

  2. Rebekah! Love your words today! So excited for you and Karrilee to connect in real life :) Love and hugs to you today - you have been a huge blessing to me!!!

    1. Thank you - you are always an encouragement to me! I appreciate your words and your sweet spirit!

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. Were we separated at birth? I have a terrible habit of buying things and then putting them away to save for later, and then I never use them! Why? What exactly am I expecting to happen later that will make it worthwhile that isn't happening right now? And hand in hand with that tendency is the one where I buy it but don't use because I don't want to use it up. What?? Anyway, I love your new "philosophy" and I hope I can adopt the same attitude. Excellent post!

    1. I saw your tweet about Bath and Body Works and had to laugh. Right next to these bottles was an entire bag of BBW from Christmas - at least five years ago. I'm hoping some of it is still usable! Here's to both of us buying special things for the right now and using them up right now!

  4. I love this reminder...in fact, I may celebrate by finally popping the cork on the bottle of wine that's been in my fridge forEVER. (I'm honestly not sure what I've been saving it for!) This made me smile...thank you for the encouragement today! Blessings. :)

    1. I hope you do pop that cork Mel - after that run - you have lots to celebrate. I have to say it again. I'm so impressed. Gravel! Thanks for the love here!

  5. I love this today, I too have started cleaning out my son's former room (he moved out almost 3 years ago). It became the 'catch all' room, in fact there is still a fully decorated Christmas sitting in there. LOL!!! It will some be my daughter's new room and her room will be my office/reading room. I am so excited. I hope that I have the attitude that will be able to keep them both special.

    1. Oh Amy, I'll have to tell you more about my Christmas that almost stayed up all year one year. It's crazy! But moving things around can be fun - so can new space. I hope you enjoy your new office and reading room.


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