Thursday, August 1, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Story

Five Minute FridayThis wonderful space. This joyful Friday writing community. I look forward to this each week ... not losing my days in pining, but becoming more giddy in anticipation of the fun to be found in the Thursday night Twitter Party - where hearts meld, women pray, laughter echoes in virtual rooms, and friendships are birthed and nourished because of shared faith and a passion for words. These are the Five Minute Fridays. The prompt goes up from Lisa Jo at midnight on the East coast. We write. We post. We read. We share. We encourage.

This Week: Story


and this is what i say to him
every time
when i am tired,
or bored,
or sick,
or just in need of some kind of comfort
that only he knows how to give –
i say
tell me a story about when we first met.

sometimes he laughs.
sometimes he rolls his eyes.
sometimes he says – no, but you know all the stories.

and my grown up self falls away and
i have to tease and say,
tell me.

and then he’ll start in that voice
that could record movie trailers
or make commercials –
the kind that would sell snow in antarctica
or rice in china
or whatever kind of odd analogy they used to come up with –
that kind of voice.

he’ll talk about standing on the second floor looking down on me while i was typing
about seeing me in the lunch room
same thing all the time – chicken, rice, and peas
(heaven help us, we still eat the same thing now)
seeing the books I was reading and thinking
yeah, I read those too
bet I’d like her.

he’ll talk about first dates in the park
walking in shoulder-high dahlias
egg salad done just right;
fried chicken;
first kisses.

he runs his hands over my hair and remembers
a little bit later
when things got scary and complicated –
a treacherous drive in the midst of
january ice
when i was blue
and not breathing.
feeling terrified and helpless
trying to figure out what came next
as they descended on me with
tubes, needles, tape –
results that change a life.

but he remembers that i got to keep life
so we have a life
and he calls it a miracle
every day since then.

i don’t know if every day has felt like a miracle
except when he reminds me
in the retelling.

and there are others.
and it is our history.
it is our story.

and now she likes to hear them too,
this little bit of hyphenated us.
she likes the stories too –
the ones that include her –
and says,

tell me a story about
when you first met me.


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  1. This is so beautiful. Important reminder to keep telling ourselves and our kids the important, beautiful, true stories.
    I loved this part, "i don’t know if every day has felt like a miracle except when he reminds me in the retelling."

    1. Thanks Amanda - I love seeing new faces here. Good to see a new-to-me FMF writer! I love passing our story along to my girl!

  2. Oh my stars!! I loved this and this line about your sweet girl ---> this little bit of hyphenated us.---> oh this mad me catch my breath. Love to you friend.

    1. This means a lot, coming from a writer whose talent I admire. Thanks, friend!

  3. Oh, so, so, beautiful! I love the simple complexity of your love story. (and my nurse heart wants to hear more about that scary moment!!) Isn't it great, being able to share those stories with our babes?

    1. Marcy - you captured it exactly: simpy + complex. It really is. One of these days, I'll tell you the rest of that icy, January story ...

  4. Wowza. This was a little piece of lovely in my evening. Thanks for sharing your story with us, Rebekah! I loved reading it.

  5. I loved this the whole way through - but that last line - oh girl, how it undid me! "Daddy - tell me a story about when you first met me." Swoon... and don't I always ask God that same question? And doesn't He always just go so far back in time that I can hardly even believe it's true!

    Love this friend!

    1. Got to love symmetry and I’m so glad you liked it – that means a lot. It will be amazing to ask God about that, won’t it!

  6. I am totally weeping inside! This is gorgeous.

    1. Awww, inRL friend, I'm so glad you came, and it moved you :)

  7. Awww...this is such a beautiful story! And that you are handing your stories down to your little one too. It's our stories that make us so precious and special. Thanks for sharing yours!

    1. Ceil - I've missed seeing you here! Wasn't tonight's prompt great. Our stories ARE what make us. Love that.

  8. loved ALL of this, but when i came to 'this little bit of hyphenated-us' my heart was moved...i loved that image of your daughter being such an amazing miracle and blessing, but also a bit of both of you (as I know children are, I just loved that idea). Thank you so much for sharing about how sometimes the story just needs to be told through someone else's remind us of that goodness that we never grow tired of hearing. such blessings here. joining from FMF

    1. One of the many things I love about my guy is the balance he brings to my life - and the perspective. He helps me see the up side of things when I get bogged down. It’s a blessing. Thanks for stopping by FMF friend!

  9. Oh I love this. I love to hear these kind of stories too. They are the best!!

    1. So do I, so do I. Love to hear other people's ever after. It's so encouraging. Thank you!

  10. This one. This is beautiful. So perfectly spoken. Only five minutes??? will you tutor me? :)

    1. You are so sweet. I appreciate your kind words. You know, I always love the Five Minute Fridays, but sometimes it just flows. Poetry is a first love and in my heart - maybe that's why :)

  11. this. so. much. Each piece of our stories are beautiful...sometimes we just have to look deeper for that beauty. Thanks for this gem! Blessings, friend...hope your Friday is wonderful! :)

    1. Thanks Mel. I love how the pieces come together. Hearing everyone's story has been such a fun experience. I'm still enjoying all the reading.

  12. Oh the glory...just beautiful. little hyphenated you and all.
    what a gift. this story you share. {HUGS}

    1. If there's beauty here, it's all because of Him. So glad He's guiding our story!

  13. Replies
    1. Ah Jen. Thanks so much. You bless me.

  14. This is amazingly beautiful!

    1. Bless you Barbie. It was one of those times when it just flowed!

  15. Oh yeah sister! You got it goin' on. This is wonderful and amazing and beautiful and crazy. Thank you for sharing it with us!

    1. I'm very fortunate to have this story - I'm glad you liked it. It does get a little beautiful and crazy - all at the same time :)

  16. This is amazing! I love this peek into your story! I love the line about the hyphenated us.

  17. This was fabulous! What a gift you have ... thank you for sharing your gift for us to enjoy, too! Blessings to you.

  18. So beautiful is you story. I love to read your words because they always touch so deeply.


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