Thursday, August 22, 2013

Christ's Love is Greater Than Anyone Can Ever Know

I've been exploring this idea of Hello Mornings. Not officially joined yet, but I have the study - it's Ephesians, which is always wonderful. As I've been reading through - taking the first moments of my day to sink into the Word, I came across Ephesians 3:19 & 20. Again. I've read them so many times, and they always speak to my heart.

And recently, my friend Melissa went on on a trek up in the mountains and came back with some amazing photos that I just loved and wanted to borrow. She's been kind enough to let me use one of them here. I'll often have these images on the Three Bees Facebook page and would love to have you join me there too.

Take this to heart and may it bless your day today.


  1. I was reading your FMF in which you also made use of this verse. And this part of the verse is what stuck with me...and then I glanced to the left and saw that you had written about it. What an awesome God thing. Thanks!


Thank you for the kindess of your comment. I pray your patience with the word verification. I've had such troubles with spammers lately. Thank you for grace. I look forward to reading all the comments and responding. I appreciate you!