Thursday, August 15, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Small

Five Minute FridayFive Minute Friday. Such an amazing group of women to get to know and write with. They bless me. And I’ve never met a single one in person. Hope to someday. Someday soon. I’ll gather together with them and it will be a welcoming, encouraging, beautiful time of community. All these writers. And today we write about …

This Week: Small


I used to think I had to do things the big and perfect and – let’s face it – Martha Stewart way to get it right. I used to think that for a lot of things. Holiday dinners. Gifting. Writing. Journaling (hah, the one place where you should be able to let it be messy and imperfect because no one else is going to see it). Friendship. Parenting. Work. Church. I thought you had to do it big to make it matter.

Yes, I’m an admitted perfectionist. Perhaps a reformed perfectionist after all this time. But I did used to buy into that whole idea of grandiosity. Even when I couldn’t afford it (oh wait, I still can’t afford it), even when it wasn’t practical, even when it wasn’t right. It was supposed to be right. That’s what they said.

I stopped listening to them.


Maybe it was some time after Martha Stewart went away and did her time. Maybe it was seeing that she could still pull it off after being in jail. Maybe then I thought I just shouldn’t try to play in that sandbox.

Or maybe it was when the biggest smile I ever got from my daughter was not after a pile of grandiose presents, or a ridiculously over-the-top-party, or too much money spent on clothes she would soon forget about. But after one summer day of sitting on the lawn chair in the back yard and bird watching. Just watching the birds, and seeing which ones we could identify out of my bird book. Then coming out again at night – the warm afternoon fading into crispness and snuggling under a blanket to count the stars. And singing the moon song.

That was enough. Her small body turning into me; her little hand coming up to my cheek; smiling in the darkness and saying, “Mama, this was my best day ever.”

I see the moon and the moon sees me
I see the moon and the moon sees me
I see the moon and the moon sees me
Shine on the one who is dear to me

Tears in the moonlight, and one of my best lessons ever.


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  1. beautiful, my friend. The small quiet moments, without the fanfare are the gift. Treasure them.

  2. Rebekah. Love it! Such a sweet and precious lesson your daughter taught you. In the hubbub of life I know I need to slow down and take the time to let these simple small moments happen with my family. Thank you for these words, friend, and for being such a blessing!

  3. I loved this!! What a beautiful memory!! And isn't it just His way to teach us those lessons in just the sweetest of ways... your daughter's hand on your cheek... like being touched by Him. Just beautiful friend, simply beautiful.

  4. So wonderful. What a great story of what is truly important. You are amazing! Rock on, you imperfect, lovely you!!!

    "Your beginning will seem so small, since your future will flourish." Job 8:7

  5. Well Said Rebekah. I love those moments when my children make everything else fade away. So glad we met tonight!!

  6. Oh love this! It truly is those small moments, lessons learned from our children, that matter the most. Blessings!

  7. I love this, sweet friend! and you... I love you!

  8. I love this. Thank you for reminding us that small gestures really matter. :-)

  9. and there is there is the perfect-ness!! It will never be about what we's all about the love and how we share it. that's the only thing that ever matters. Everything else just passes away.


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