Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Things I Learned In July

chatting at the sky Last month, I joined up with Emily Freeman from Chatting at the Sky in reflecting on some of the random – and sometimes quirky – things we’ve learned in the past month. I love this link up because it appeals to my introspective nature, and my ability to notice the accidental and mundane and elevate it into something that might be enlightening. Or then again, just be kind of odd and eccentric, and very much me.

One – I guess I’m just never going to get tired of fairy tales. We haven’t had cable for a couple of years now, so when we watch shows, it’s fun to see them back to back to back. Without commercials. Without waiting. The latest one my family and I enjoy is Once Upon A Time – a modern day twist on traditional fairy tales. It doesn’t require a lot of brain power, and I’m better at pacing myself now, but it sure is fun to pop in a new episode after dinner.

Two – I (finally) learned how to link up social media buttons on my blog. I had been wrestling with this for weeks and weeks and couldn’t get things quite right. The links would work, but the images would be off. Or the images would appear – sometimes randomly – and the links wouldn’t work. Then I read a series of great interviews with Amy Lynn Andrews on How They Blog and she had so much good information to share. I gleaned so much from her posts and Q & A, I thought I’d take my fledgling Twitter self and just ask her if she had any tips. Within 24 hours, she responded with a specific post that had the best tutorial I’d ever seen, and within half an hour, I had my buttons up. Thank you Kat Lee (How They Blog). Thank you Amy Lynn Andrews.

Three – Speaking of recommendations from Amy Lynn Andrews, Tiny Wings is totally addicting. Fun. But addicting.

Four – It’s official. I feel like I belong at work. I love my job. I never saw myself doing something like this. But in the process of configuring Microsoft Surface Pros for deployment later next month, I realized that I’ve found my next career calling in a place I absolutely love. Oh, and I learned how to configure a Surface.

Five – Having Fridays off in the summer is pretty fabulous, but working four-tens kicks my butt.

Six – No matter how many times I watch Firefly, I still love every episode. And I still get passionately annoyed that the series was cancelled. Browncoats forever.

Seven – I thought it would be awful when my daughter got around to texting, but it’s not. Granted, she doesn’t have her own phone yet – that may alter my opinion somewhat – but when she’s sending me love and sweet messages out of the blue, it’s hard to be unhappy about that.

Eight – I still get a little giddy when I know a package is coming my way. Especially when it has new books in it.

Nine – I make a pretty mean, “gummy salad” for kids’ sleepovers. It was a huge hit.

Ten – Guest posting is exciting, and encouraging, and fabulous, and exhilarating, and exhausting. I was privileged to have my first guest post ever with the (in)courage Bloom book club, and the range of emotions I went through really surprised me. Their team was so supportive and just cheered for me the whole way – it was such a wonderful first time experience.

Eleven – this is not so much a “learned” as a “reminder.” It’s just so hard to be 3,000 miles away from home with no road in between; especially when they could really use you at home.

Twelve – In French, instead of saying “I miss you,” the translation is “you are missing from me.” Love that.

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to the Amy Lynn Andrews blog! Pleased to make your acquaintance via Emily's.

  2. Oh my... I love this list - and I love that we have some of the same things listed (and apparently a few that one or the other of us thought of listing too!)

    Oh - and I LOVE that saying from the French as well! "You are missing from me!"

  3. Congrats on the social media icons! They are super cute:)And your package has some amazing things in it:) This is such a fun list. I'm coming to you from Emily's link up.

  4. I am stopping over from Emily's. I enjoyed your list. Our family also likes both Once upon a Time and Firefly. Love #12. Congrats on the social media icons and getting to guest post.


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