Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Listen To Me (A Three Word Wednesday Post)

He moves in my words, and although I’m a bit overwhelmed and blessed to learn when I’ve ministered to others, or when the words He gives me have touched them, I’m moved and humbled even more when it’s me He calls again – so often with my own words – and beckons me to learn a new lesson. Or shall we say a lesson again.

It is the apex at which I most often break. That which would remain if you boiled down the question: what is the one thing that might make her behave the most like a mad woman? The one thing that will upend me when I can hold on with patience for all else.

Listen to me

I have never claimed to be a patient person – it is beyond an Achilles Heel. This is not a tendon – it is possibly an entire limb. My devastating weakness tied into one of the things with which I struggle most. I am impatient and I am often angry. Simmering beneath the surface of my daily calm – that part is not insincere. I am generally quiet and collected and content. Until you push just hard enough.

And they all push

They don’t listen. This is life. It happens. I get that. I don’t pretend to be the center of some grandiose universe; expecting everyone to revolve around me. I don’t mark time for others. I don’t measure the steps of those near me. But if I ask you to hang up your clothes, remember to not show my child a particular movie, or for the love of Pete, flush the toilet so all the junk goes down, I rather expect you’ll do it. Especially that last one.

Time to look in the mirror

As I stood fuming in the women’s bathroom at work; practicing my yoga breathing and ticking off, with growing annoyance, the list of “why can’t they just listen tos” that had filled my last twenty-four hours, I felt one of His gentle nudges. I wish I could say I responded with immediate grace and humility, but it was more along the lines of “really Lord, because all I’m asking for is a fresh bowl. And clothes not on the floor.” He pauses. He is silent.

Be still and know

Not three words, but the God of the universe doesn’t have to conform to our rules now, does He? Echoes of what I’ve so often said, “I just asked you to …” “I just wish you would …” “Why won’t you just listen to me?” How many times have I read and heard the voice of God with simple requests asking me for something. “If you love me …” How often do I instead, casually careen through my life; not paying attention; not listening. And how many times in His infinite grace, wisdom, and patience, has He remained in place, waiting without time for me to come back. Listen to me.

Love me with all your passion and intelligence

Love others as well as you love yourself

Be generous to the poor

Do what is fair and just to your neighbor

Be compassionate and loyal in your love

Be still and know

Listen to me

He promises peace, wisdom, and a Helper who will never leave to those who love Him, keep His commands, and listen. There is refuge and strength for those who are still and quiet. There is redemption from a steadfast God for those who love justice and mercy in humility. How is this not worth one moment of stopping my catechism of wants and silencing the lists of my desires?

Okay Lord.

You got me.

I am listening

I'm joining Simply Beth for her Three Word Wednesday link up (so happy to be here, finally!) and am looking forward to getting to know this circle of writers. For this link up, choose three words; share a post, photo, or scripture that highlights those three words; link up here; and share some encouragement and blog love with other writers.

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Passages quoted from Matthew 22:37, Proverbs 28:27, Micah 6:8 MSG, Psalm 46:10 NIV


  1. Oh are we not Oh so Thankful for His patience and grace? Love this, my friend!

  2. Ha! I can totally relate. Sometimes I feel like God is standing there watching my tantrum, and when I finally get my mouth shut I hear His words, "Are you done?" In a loving way, of course:) He is so gracious!

  3. I'm just so happy you have joined the Three Word Wednesday community. Loved this friend! He is so patient with us isn't He? I love how you share your heart. Thank you!! {Hugs}

  4. So wonderful to see you here! I wonder why God is so patient with me? I get so impatient with Him, with others, yet He is so consistent and loves me so well. Blessings!


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