Tuesday, October 1, 2013

He is With You

Before we start, I want you to remember that whatever your desert is, He is with you.

For me, the desert was a long, desolate period where I felt alone, where I felt like everything that made me who I was had been stripped away, where I had to come face to face with some hard truths about things I had been holding tight to that needed to be released. It was also a time of economic hardship. A time of my marriage being challenged. A time of my parenting skills being tested at every turn. A time when I struggled physically and acquired a new chronic disease that would further complicate my life.

Your desert may be something different. Maybe your marriage is on the rocks. Maybe you’re a single mom trying to make it. Maybe you have to care for a loved one who can no longer care for themselves and you feel alone and overwhelmed. Maybe you’ve just gotten the diagnosis that says, “terminal.” Maybe it’s not terminal – maybe it’s chronic and painful and more than you think you can bear. Maybe you haven’t spoken to your child in over a decade and you wonder if that gap will ever be mended and if you’ll ever hold your heart close again. Maybe you’ve just lost a parent or significant person in your life. Maybe you’ve lost your job or been unemployed – or nearly as bad underemployed – for far too long. It doesn’t matter – it’s a desert.

You feel alone; abandoned and you don’t think anyone know or cares. It is so important for me to tell you that God knows and He cares. Maybe you know Him. Maybe you don’t. That really doesn’t matter. He knows you, and He cares for you beyond what you can possibly imagine.

My desire and prayer as I write these words and you read them is that you will find hope in the midst of your desert and know more than anything that He is with you.

One of my favorite songs during my desert time is the one below by the incredible Mandisa. I hope you’ll pause for a moment and let the words and music penetrate your day and your desert. I pray that this will be a ray of light in your dark time. I pray that this will lift the veil just a bit and reassure you in some small way that He is with you.

Tomorrow: Everyone Goes to the Desert (At Some Point)

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