Friday, October 25, 2013

You Own Everything That Happened To You ...

A friend at the Allume conference posted this quote and I just love it - had to make an image. I'm really looking forward to hearing Anne Lamott next Wednesday, and while I don't think I've written critically about any one person on my blog or otherwise, I'm going to tuck this little bit of truth away for the "just in case."


  1. Well, that may be true, but remember that there are libel laws. Make sure that what you write is more about your feelings and perceptions about whatever happened than direct attacks on the character of another.

    After all, what you actually own are your feelings and perceptions resulting from those experiences, not their personality or character.

    Wording can be very important.

  2. So true - which is why "grace above all else" is really what I strive for. I think I may be shaking off the remaining vestiges of a certain encounter you may have heard about ...


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