Wednesday, May 21, 2014

After First Breath

the wonder of it all
is that we go on
after that first breath –
after we understand (in that fragile moment)
that what we were expecting
(what we were told to expect)
is nowhere near what was coming
(what is coming and what will continue to come).

the only wonder is that the pace never wanes;
the light never dims;
there is no pause button.
only life lessons, carved chapter and verse
from our own flesh.
wants and needs
sacrificed for
wants and needs.

a continual moving and forging ahead;
this is learn on our feet;
groove as we go;
this is no time for cowardice or
shrinking hesitation.
this is a time for no fear.
even if being brave is the smallest thing we can manage –
do it with our whole heart.

small feet will follow,
tiny hands will grasp and mimic
first at the air and our smiles,
but sooner than we think,
at our favorite teacups;
our tone and tenor;
and before long our life becomes
played out in miniature before our eyes.

in weary, wary moments the weight
of this beautiful burden can overwhelm.
and tears fall, because – will we ever be enough?
will there ever be enough of us?
how can we possibly manage to
safely navigate the passage of a star?
or launch the wild unleashing
of a new cosmos?

in quiet moments on hands and knees
with hearts laid bare
we ask for grace once more – perhaps for ourselves, but more
for those small lights we shepherd.
grace that our missteps and mistakes
will fade into the background of painted miracles
and soft, warm snuggles where hearts
beat as one.

the wonder of it all
is that we go on at all after that first breath –
after we understand (in that fragile moment)
that life in all its dirt and glory
will nestle at our side at the end of the day;
wrap small arms around us; look up
and call us mother.

my darling bug
I am blessed to be the mother of a darling bug worth writing about (and writing for), who inspires me daily to be a better mother, a better woman, a better human being. I am also blessed to have an amazing, incredible mother, who from my first breath, has never stopped giving everything she could for me – honestly, more than she should. Her example is my North Star. It is a gift to say that I am also blessed to be mothered by my husband's mother, whose kindness and generosity I am learning to appreciate more each day.

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  1. It is an awesome gift - and responsibility - to watch and help the little ones grow.


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