Tuesday, May 20, 2014

When Art Is a Verb

This week, as the (in)courage community groups throw wide the doors of the beach house and welcome women in, our group – Art In Your Life – begins its adventure.

What I’m sharing here is the weekly visual prompt and welcome message to the group. Even if you’re not participating in our group or another community group, you may enjoy the opportunity to try your hand at making #ArtInYourLife. You’re welcome to find our hashtag on Instagram and Twitter and join in the fun!

Welcome friends and fellow artists and creators! We are so glad you’re here. More will be joining us throughout the week, and we’ll have some more formal introductions and resources, but I wanted to share one of the ideas that we, as leaders, have talked about doing for this group. Each week (on Mondays), we will be posting a visual prompt like this one; with a word or quote or verse; and encourage you to meditate on the prompt and let it be an invitation to create something in your life that week. At the end of the week (on Saturdays) we will open a photo album/gallery for you to share images of your work if you would like. 

First off – no pressure – this is invitation only! You may only be comfortable creating and not sharing – we are so okay with that. We just want to encourage you to consider art in your life and become more comfortable with that idea – we are all creators! 

I loved this quote from Emily Freeman because I felt it gave so much latitude in interpretation. It asks simply, “what are you doing in your life that is art?” Perhaps you will feel led to try out a new medium: pick up paints or pencils; grab a camera and wander outside; sink your fingers into clay and mold. Perhaps you will create a beautiful arrangement of flowers in your home; or find the perfect spot for a favorite picture or poster. Perhaps you have a special skein of yarn you’ve been saving for a special occasion and can knit or crochet something lovely with it. Whatever you do, let your art be a verb; let your actions come to life; let your prayers and praise take flight. Enjoy #ArtInYourLife!

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