Tuesday, May 27, 2014

When Art Invites You to Leap

Welcome to another week of Art in Your Life. Our group had its official kick off in Monday, and the image here is our visual prompt for the next several days. At the beginning of the week, one of the three leaders will share a prompt – a quote, a word, a verse – something that inspires us that we hope will inspire our group to meditate on art, life, and what God has for them. On Fridays, we open an online photo gallery where members of the group share images of what they’ve been working on based on this prompt.

I’m thrilled that our group has been so willing to begin to dive in and explore – even before we officially launched (did you see last week’s prompt?). The prompt for today – an excerpt from Walking on Water, written by one of my very favourite authors: Madeleine L’Engle.

As you consider this quote, I ask that you do what you have already been doing: leap and plunge. ‪#‎ArtInYourLife‬ comes best when we can release preconceived ideas of “the way things are supposed to be.” Never mind what the ubiquitous “they” says. What are you called to do? What has God laid in your heart to create? Do that.

Madeleine writes:
“For the past several generations we’ve forgotten what the psychologists call our archaic understanding, a willingness to know things in their deepest most mythic sense. We’re all born with archaic understanding, and I’d guess that the loss of it goes directly with the loss of ourselves as creators. But unless we are creators, we are not fully alive.”
This week, allow yourself to be fully alive as you look around you to discover the art that is in your life. Whether you are making something, arranging something, cooking something – even observing something – if you stop and honor that; if you give thanks for what God has blessed you with, if you discover ways to bless and serve others around you with it – these are steps towards the creative, artistic life.

Even if you’re not participating in our group or another community group, you may enjoy the opportunity to try your hand at making #ArtInYourLife. You’re welcome to find our hashtag on Instagram and Twitter and join in the fun!

I'd love to connect with you some more - stop on by the Three Bees Facebook Page or connect with me on Twitter @3BeesBlueBonnet. Let's continue the conversation!


  1. I think I'm lost. Did I miss the prompt for last week? Is there not a Facebook group? What am I supposed to do? Oh life, slow down. I must create art!

  2. I leaped (leapt?) and plunged on Friday night and I am TOTALLY counting that for this week! ;)


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